Dallas Outdoor Activities

Dallas is truly a city that likes to get outdoors and have fun. Because Dallas is essentially two cities in one, with Ft. Worth just a few miles away, there is a combined population of over 5 million people in the Dallas Metroplex, and they demand fun things to do in the balmy summers and in the mild winters. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular outdoor activities in the greater Dallas area.Next to religion, the most important thing to many residents of Texas, and especially Dallas, is outdoor sports. High school football games draw massive crowds, sometimes even bigger than the three major college football teams, and the assorted rivalries across down go back decades. The college and pro games are extremely popular too, with SMU, TCU and Rice all fielding Division 1 teams in the greater Dallas area.Golf is also extremely popular in the Dallas area. There are literally dozens of championship caliber courses in the greater Dallas area, including one course that annually holds a PGA event. If you’re looking for a good tee time or just a place to hit some golf balls, you won’t have to go far in Dallas.One of the most popular features of living in Dallas is the extensive network of bike trails and pedestrian walking and running trails. The network stretches for miles in and around the city and even into many of the neighboring towns. The folks that run the city government demonstrated that they are committed to making Dallas more than a place to just drive a car when they developed these paths, and residents are hopeful that the system will be expended even further in the coming years.You can spend a fun day learning all about downtown Dallas by taking a sculpture tour. There are over 30 different and unique sculptures in downtown Dallas that are available to the public to see. It would be quite a walk, but you can see all of them in one day, and you’ll learn quite a bit about where Dallas has been, where it is now and where its going!For a more somber trip, the John F. Kennedy memorial stands in Dallas today to remember the popular president that was killed while visiting Dallas in 1963. The monument is free and open to the public and is a powerful tribute to one of the darkest days in the history of the United States.Finally, the architecture of the West End of Dallas is worth a tour any day. Come see some of the oldest remaining buildings in Dallas in this protected area just to the west of downtown. If you are curious about the history of Dallas, this is a walking tour you can’t miss!Dallas is a city with so many things to do, you could plan weekends ahead for the next 10 years and not see it all. Dallas residents especially love to get outdoors and enjoy their beautiful city. Don’t miss out!

Garmin Handheld GPS Receivers to Enhance Outdoor Activity

Most everyone likes to take outdoor excursions. Hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, Geocaching, biking and the list goes on. There is a Garmin Handheld GPS receiver for most any outdoor activity you can think of.GPS technology was made free to use by the public in the late 1970’s by President Ronald Reagan. Since that time companies have been manufacturing GPS units for most any activity you can think of. Garmin company is the leading manufacturer of GPS units in the World.Handheld GPS units have been a great help for outdoor adventures. By using GPS receivers you can take any outdoor adventure in places you have never been without becoming lost. By using a GPS it is possible to map out a route and follow it any place you choose. If you are using a Garmin unit you can retrace your steps by using the exclusive Tracback technology.If you are a hunter you can use a GPS device to map out your hunting area and mark all the game trails. You can map your tree stands or your camping area for example and even map the area you parked your vehicle. A handheld GPS unit will always show your location and the location you are seeking.If you are a fisherman or boater there are GPS units that come preloaded with Inland Lake data for the USA Lakes. Also available are units with saltwater areas preloaded with depth, shoreline and buoys marked for your saltwater adventures. It is possible to get a handheld GPS unit that is waterproof and some even float. A great many of these units allow you to map out any area you wish and you can mark your favorite fishing and boating spots.For hikers there are units that allow you to map your favorite hiking areas and then allow you to share this data with friends wirelessly or by uploading the information on your computer and sending the information over the internet.For those people into the Geocaching sport there are handheld units that are friendly to your sport. Some Garmin handheld units allow you to download Geocaching GPX files direct from a computer into the GPS units database. You also are able with some units to share this data wirelessly with other Garmin users.Bike riders can utilize GPS units to track speed, distance covered, routes and can input any route or road data they choose. These units come in both wrist worn units and units the size of phones.All these GPS units mentioned in this article are available from Garmin Company. Garmin Handheld GPS receivers are the best selling handheld units in the world and the most technologically advanced.